Presenting Juliana!

Age 18
Representing Arizona USA

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About Me

I grew up on a huge piece of land in the desert. I love spending time outdoors in the sun. Even though I have pretty fair skin the sunshine doesn't ever bother me. If I could be out on the lake riding a jet ski every day, I would. I'm also a pretty straightforward person. I'll tell you what I'm thinking even if you might not like it. Honesty is the best policy, right? See ya around!

Our Thoughts

Juliana is an interesting mix of tough and sweet. She has a tough girl personality, the kind that says don't mess with me, but she has the face and body of a cute little teen next door. Perky ass, sweet breasts, and a tiny frame topped off by a head of soft blonde hair. She has no inhibitions and is just a pleasure to watch.

Claire in  - Play Video!
Juliana in  - Play Video!
Juliana in  - Play Video!
PHOTOSET Juliana Incredible
PHOTOSET Juliana Trying New Things
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